Small to Mid-Size Cabinet Makers

  • Do you want to build a fully integrated quote, order entry, and manufacturing solution?
  • Do you want to build only custom quoting and order writing software for your in-house salespeople?
  • Do you want to print your own specification catalog directly from our software?
  • Do you want to create shop paperwork directly from our quote and order entry software?

How do I get started building a quote and order writing system that will allow me to control my costs and simplify my sales process?

You start by using our Quick Catalog Creator software to build electronic “smart catalogs” that are configured with all the pricing rules required to accurately sell and order your products. Once these “smart catalogs" are built, they then run within our Quick Order Entry Software.

Once I build my electronic “smart catalog”, how do I use that information to print a specification catalog to save me time and marketing costs?

We have built for you templates that read the data and images for our Quick Catalog Creator software and allow you build and print a specification catalog with images, pricing and detailed text directly from a single source. There’s no need to create drawings with Excel, Word or desktop publishing software. It’s all included with the Catalog Print function within Quick Catalog Creator.

How do I expand the software to add manufacturing data so that I can create cutlists and shop floor reports to improve my productivity and profits?

Quick Catalog Creator is sold in two modules: QCC Sales and QQC Manufacturing. Adding QQC Manufacturing will allow you to define the manufacturing rules required to accurately produce the products you sell each day.

Building an Electronic Pricing Catalog & Spec Book

If you don’t already have a printed specification book and you will need to start from scratch, then we can help you build both a printed catalog and electronic catalog. All you need to start the process is to purchase our Quick Catalog Creator Standard Edition software. Included with this software is the ability to print a custom product manual.

Start Selling More Jobs using Quick Order Entry

Once your electronic catalog is built, then you’re ready to start using our Quick Order Entry Software to quote and sell more jobs.

Start building more cabinetry using QCC Manufacturing

Learn how to add manufacturing data to create cutlists and shop floor reports.

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