Cabinet Manufacturers with Dealers

Remove the Bottleneck & Process Orders More Efficiently!

It's a constant struggle in our industry to efficiently process dealer orders into accurate manufacturing paperwork. The amount of time that is wasted trying to effectively communicate information is mind boggling. It's not uncommon for a custom cabinet manufacturer to take 7-10 working days to get all the information gathered... understood... then process into manufacturing ready data…. It doesn't have to be this way anymore!


Processing orders electronically will help you improve your profits.

We have a proven system and a great track record implementing our Electronic "Sales-to-Orders" System. Many of our current customers are processing their orders with very minimal human intervention for order entry. The amount of time saved and profits gained has been extremely beneficial to our manufacturers and their dealers. Our software has become the preferred method for our manufacturing partners and dealers to process their orders electronically.

Implement Our Sales-To-Orders System

Quick Catalog Creator

An easy to use catalog repository used for all pricing, relationships, bill of materials library, and catalog printing.


Quick Order Entry

A powerful Quoting and Order Entry software application used by Dealers and Salespeople.


Quick Order Editor

An easy to use Order Editing software application designed to use data created by the dealer in Quick Order Entry.


Quick Order Releaser

An extremely powerful Order Processing application designed with the engineer in mind. This application uses the edited, confirmed order released by the Order Editor to detail out production orders.

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