Catalog Creator

Catalog Creator

AdvanceWare’s Product Configuration and Catalog Creation software is used by custom manufacturers to effectively convert and manage existing product specification catalogs in electronic format. AdvanceWare provides the tools needed to make it easy for our customers to define pricing logic, global relationships, product structure, and manufacturing rules. You can also assign images to assure your products are priced, ordered and built properly. Once the catalogs are created, they can be used in conjunction with AdvanceWare’s Quote, Order Entry and Manufacturing Software Modules.

Giving Our Clients Full Control

Over the past 20 years we have developed easy to use tools that make implementing AdvanceWare’s Sales-to-Orders System a straightforward process for our clients. Our software has been tailored to meet the challenging requirements for custom manufacturers to accurately define all pricing and bill of materials logic. Our system is constantly evolving as new partners join us and challenge us with new ways to price and build custom products. As a software developer, we understand that it’s important for our software to adapt to our client’s needs, not vice versa.

By developing flexible configuration tools for our clients, they are in full control of how they want to build their systems. We provide the training and industry experience to guide our client. Weekly progress meetings are conducted by our staff to answer questions and move our clients along the right path. We realize many of our clients have made significant investments in existing manufacturing systems. No worries…we have in-depth experience on how to integrate our front-end system to existing back end ERP/Legacy systems. Conestoga Wood Specialties is an excellent example of how successful our software integrated with their existing AS400 ERP system.


  • Adding Prompts & Validation Our relationship editor allows easy rules creation and maintenance. Also, prompts can be added to capture needed data to process orders more efficiently.
  • Adding Assemblies Once parts are defined then sub-assemblies need to be added. This could be for a cabinet, door, front frame, etc.
  • Adding Materials Define an extensive material database used for grouping materials and determining material yield.
  • Adding Items Define catalog tree structure and quickly add items to the catalog by entering the items manually, importing data or copying and pasting from Excel.
  • Adding Global Options Defining global header option is controlled by the user in a simple to use interface.
  • Adding Parts Building a parts database and associating common parts makes building and maintaining parts a power feature of our software.

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