Visual Order Entry

Visual Quick Order Entry

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Visual QOE goes beyond traditional text based order entry into the world of parametric 3D visualization. Dealers are able to view 2D and 3D objects based on engineering and manufacturing rules and relationships defined by you. Instead of the dealers adding accessories and modification by attaching codes, they interact with the object graphically, eliminating the need to memorize extensive modification codes. The codes are generated behind the scene and added to the order automatically. Accessories can be easily grouped together based on what fits in an opening or can be attached to an object. This additional visualization element will greatly simplify the design, engineering and order processing procedures.

Added Features in Visual QOE

  • Parametric 2D Drawings Automatically creates 2D drawings based on manufacturing rules established by you in our Quick Catalog Creator Software.
  • Grouping of Attachments Accessories and modifications are filter based of manufacturing restrictions, greatly simplifying the quote and ordering process.
  • More Visualization Tools Visual QOE knows that designers are visual people, so we have incorporated automatic color coding for each Accessory placed within an opening.
  • Print Shop Drawings Print drawings for client approval or to submit to shop for production. Additional Bill of Materials reports can be added with other AdvanceWare modules.
  • Context Sensitive Accessory Visual QOE brings more than just a pretty picture into each design studio by allowing each manufacturer to specify exactly what type and size openings are allowed for each accessory.
  • Attach Drawings to Orders Pre-engineered drawings will be submitted with the order to improve internal order processing and engineering time.

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