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These short videos are here to help you learn the program.  Each video is about 2 to 7 minutes long.  These require the Adobe Flash Player and speakers in order to hear the videos. 

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Note: You do NOT need any additional toolbars it may also want to install.

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Length: 3:01

1. Opening Screen

This video explains the opening screen. It includes accessing information from the online Conestoga catalog, starting new orders and opening existing orders.

Length: 3:11

2. The Order Entry Screen

This video explains how to enter Conestoga products into the order and how products are organized by catalogs.

Length: 4:16

3. Globals (Door Style, Specie, etc)

This video explains how to select door styles, wood species and other global information about an order. It also describes how to change options globally on an order.

Length: 5:39

4. Entering doors and drawer fronts

This video explains the techniques and tips on entering doors and drawer fronts into an order.

Length: 4:06

5. Entering Mouldings, Specialty Items, and Legs

This video explains how to
enter mouldings, valances, fluted fillers. legs and other non door items.

Length: 1:56

6. Using Excel to enter items into the order

This video explains how to paste data from Excel into the order to quickly create an order.

Length: 1:48

7. Printing Orders

This video explains how to print an order to screen, paper, or a PDF file.  It also explains available options for modifying the printout.

Length: 4:39

8. Validating & Sending Quotes/Orders to Conestoga

This video explains how to validate the quote for errors and how to send a quote/order to Conestoga.

Length: 3:10

9. Global Exceptions

This video explains how you can use Global Exceptions for doors and fronts to specify a unique style, specie, etc for 1 or more items in your order.

Length: 6:58

10. Cabinets

This video explains how to
quote and order cabinets through OrderLink including the doors, fronts, drawer boxes that go with them.

Length: 2:32

11. Custom Sized Cabinets

This video explains how to enter and edit the 10 custom sized cabinets available in the Conestoga Cabinet catalog.

Length: 6:46

12. Front Frames

This video explains how to create orders with Conestoga custom front frame program.  You can interact with the frames on the screen and OrderLink will calculate all the door and front sizes for you automatically.

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