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Welcome to a new age of interactivity at Conestoga.  Introducing Conestoga’s Order Link Software by AdvanceWare - a flexible yet highly effective tool you can use for instant quoting and order entry at your desktop PC.  The product of a tremendous effort by Conestoga and AdvanceWare, Conestoga’s OrderLink has a powerful feature set that will allow you to create quotes and electronically place orders virtually instantly.

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Features and Benefits

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With Conestoga’s OrderLink you can:

  • Easily change specie, style, etc. and see the new price in seconds!

  • Calculate the list price, net price (less taxes and freight) and, if desired, calculate a markup to show a selling price to your customers.

  • View entire manuals for Custom Products and Cabinet Systems offerings on your computer in PDF format with an easy to use index.

  • Store customer information so you can easily find your Conestoga orders by your customer’s name.

  • Work with multiple orders simultaneously.

  • Split your order into multiple rooms (kitchen, hall bath, etc) so you can enter your order room by room to help keep it organized and easy to edit.

  • Work with an easy to use interface.  The screens were influenced by the existing order forms and the program is very keyboard friendly if you are accustomed to typing sizes quickly.

  • Copy and Paste data from MS Excel so you can use existing door, drawer front, and drawer box size lists without having to retype them.

  • Print an acknowledgement so that you can compare it easily to the acknowledgment returned from Conestoga.

  • View video tutorials (requires Internet connection) so that you can watch videos to get up to speed quickly.

  • Validate your order before sending.  The program will validate for the most common issues that might affect your order so that you can correct them before sending to Conestoga.

  • Order directly with Conestoga (requires Internet connection).  Click a button to have your quote or order transmitted directly to Conestoga.  Within 10 minutes (M-F 7am to 6pm EST) you will receive either an acknowledgement or an error report listing any issues. 

  • Receive automatic catalog and program updates (requires Internet connection).

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