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Please click here to download OrderLink 5.6 Full Install

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65.0 MB Download

If you already have 4.0 - 5.5x installed then you can download this smaller file:
(We recommend you do the Full Install though so you get the latest PDF catalogs from Conestoga)


Please click here to download the OrderLink 5.6 update

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40.8 MB Download


If you have a dial up connection click here


Upgrades to OrderLink 5.6

* Added a rule in OrderLink to flag the user if picking MDF products or mouldings on a Code Blue Expedite. You will receive a red validation alert that Code Blue is not available with these products.
* Added a validation alert if ordering hinge boring on a door that has stiles less than 2-1/8" wide since we are unable to bore if the framing is less than 2-1/8" wide. User will no longer be able to submit the order until the line is corrected.
* Added a flag if you enter framing on a Front Frame that is less than 15/16" since that is the minimum width.
* Added a Yellow Alert if the user orders finished doors/drawers and no finish on the cabinets.
* Added an additional message after validation to let the user know that pricing in OrderLink is for estimation only and to submit to Conestoga to receive your final price.
* Added the Allure program.
* Added Catalyst V66V21 in quarts and gallons in OrderLink


* Fixed an issue in OrderLink that allowed the user to pick a matching back on the BAE and BDE cabinets and then created and error when it was sent over.
* Fixed and issue in OrderLink that was not allowing the user to pick the LC-Inset or the L-780 edge on an Inset Frame.
* Fixed an issue in OrderLink that was not allowing the user to order Moulding #1448 as a Code Red Expedite.
* Fixed an issue in OrderLink that caused valances ordered with Heirloom to send over the wrong distressing code.
* Fixed an issue in OrderLink that prevented non-standard framing to copy to drawer fronts when the user copied the door global to the drawer front global. It will now copy and pop-up asking the user to enter the framing needed on the drawer front.
* Fixed and issue in OL that caused an 18" high WPD to come over without a front frame if a non-standard front frame species was ordered.
* Fixed an issue in OL when the user picks No Front Frame. When selected, OrderLink will automatically check No Doors, No Drawer Fronts and No Drawer Boxes and you will not be able to uncheck the boxes unless you uncheck No Front Frame.

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